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James Ganh x Fabergé high jewellery featured in Harpers Bazzar photos hoot in Califonia, USA.

The Next Chapter:Dubai boutique magazine

Dubai boutique magazine

The Dubai boutique magazine《SAYIDATY》 reports James Ganh x Faberg é's high-level jewelry art.

The Next Chapter:Shining international MV

Shining international MV

Pop star Dua LiPA is wearing James Ganh x Faberg é emerald jewelry in her new song MV.

The Next Chapter:Middle East magazine

Middle East magazine

James Ganh's works appeared in the Middle East magazine and gave a wonderful report.

The Next Chapter:Forbes

Middle East fashion magazine L'officiel

James Ganh's works appear in the Middle East fashion magazine L'officiel

The Next Chapter:International stage

International stage

Dua LiPA, the new queen of world-class pop music, is wearing James Ganh x Faberge's Royal emerald ring for the New York Christmas Music Festival.

The Next Chapter:Seen in

Seen in

The jewelry of James Ganh has frequently appeared in Celebrity.

The Next Chapter:Press


James Ganh's masterpieces often featured in press.

The Next Chapter:Column interview

Column interview

During 2017 Academy Awards, James Ganh interviewed by The Telegraph, Luxury editor.

The Next Chapter:magazine cover

magazine cover

In 2016, James Ganh was the featured cover of The Jewellery UK magazine.

The Next Chapter:Founder of JAMES GANH high-end jewelry brand

Founder of JAMES GANH high-end jewelry brand

After graduating from Central Saint Martins College in London

James Ganh has worked for internationally renowned luxury brands

For example, the historic jeweler Boucheron

These experiences provide him with continuous inspiration for creating a brand in the future

James Ganh soon made his mark in the European jewelry industry

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