Looking for unparalleled gems

Finding unparalleled gems is something that James GANH has always focused on. Using professional knowledge and rich experience and the innate gem fit, personally selecting each gem and supervising the steps of gem making, diligently pursuing perfection, never leaving shortcut. Every gem has a soul, then James GANH is their interpretation flower.

graff diamonds

The fate of diamonds

The original stone contains countless secrets and beauty. It may be polished into many small diamonds, or it may be cut into a perfect diamond. Gemologists will explore the possibilities of gemstones for the first few months. Once they determine the most suitable cutting method, no matter how difficult it is, it will determine the fate of this diamond.

Say goodbye to stereotypes, tell James Ganh's unlimited love for jewelry

Extremely persistent on perfection

The cutting and grinding artisans have a great responsibility, so they must be skillful and patient, and they must be precise. It's up to their superb skills and vision that they can show the awe-inspiring brilliance of the most beautiful gems. With unlimited enthusiasm and dexterous hands, they inject vitality into each gemstone, showing the extraordinary beauty of gemstones time and time again.

Timeless beauty & craftsmanship

Ganh's unique creations are inspired by his time at Central St Martins,as well as consultancies for different internationally recognised luxury houses.Given the qualityof his exceptional pieces,it is difficult to believe that Ganh is a relative newcomer in the European Jewellery field,Know for his Love &Artisan Creations,the celebrated London based designer only entered the world of Jewelly back in 2008

Ingenious tradition

Seiko Machinery in Germany

Perfect polymorphic gemstone cutting in Belgium

Italian handmade tailor

Alcatraz leather packaging

Guangdong's craftsmanship

All production craftsmen have more than 10 years of industry experience

Excellent craftsmanship, unlike other jewellery designers

The real time is reflected in each process

The craftsman's pursuit of craftsmanship is extremely meticulous

Its philosophy of pursuing perfection is in line with James Ganh’s unparalleled purpose

Unique sensory journey

JAMES GANH carefully crafted incomparable treasures and told fascinating stories. We are fortunate enough to meet and discover countless diamonds handed down to the world, and understand that the diamonds we cut with heart today will surely become the legendary gems of tomorrow.

"JAMES GANH creates romantic heritage in the name of love. Complex and exquisite haute couture craftsmanship, designers and craftsmen give life to jew

graff diamonds

Luxury representative

In 2019, the James GANH solo exhibition was held in London, England. James GANH presents the 2019 high-end customized series. JAMES GANH tailor-made jewelry for each unique body, giving it a unique identity symbol.

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